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I have recently added this section for members and clients who have never used us before.   We do not run this operation like a pizza service.  That basically means you can not call in and expect a model at your door in 1 hour.  I am fully aware that there are plenty of places that will fully accommodate you if that is what you seek or what you are use to.  Simply put, girls of this caliber require much more notice.  They have careers and a plethora of other outside obligations to tend with.  You can expect your chosen model to show up fully groomed and in impeccable condition.  As you can probably figure out by now, this would be an impossibility for an hour or 2 notice.  Getting ready, fueling up, commute, etc...  

I am often asked how much notice is required.  The answer is, if it's just a short appointment, 4 to 48 hour notice is sufficient.  There are certainly situations where I take in last minute cancellations, so it never hurts to call in and introduce yourself, if I can make it work, I will.  Ultimately what sets us apart is simply the quality and most importantly the staff does not go from client to client.   If you were in the market to buy a Casio watch you know you could get your hands on one just about anywhere.  And if you were in the market to purchase a fine Rolex, you would understand there is a little patience involved.